Friday, 20 January 2012

Now in Council.... Drama Drama Drama

Well, We thought we were in council back in November, but No! When I followed up actually our plans had been rejected due to an acoustic report requirement and we didn't have it - nor did we know we needed to.

Anyway, I will not go in to the details as it goes forwever, but after 2 months, several phone calls later, it turns out Penrith Council were wrong and we didn't need it after all Aaaahh!! so frustrating.

So on Monday I got the confirmation that we are in the clear of the 20 ANEF contour lines and we do not need an acoustic report for the supposed Badgery's creek airport that everyone knows is never going to exist. Wendesday, Kurmond went in armed and our plans were successfully lodged... Yaay!!

So excited, so if we can get everything pushed through we may still be in before Cooper's birthday.

That is our goal - Have Cooper's 4th B'day at home.

In the meantime, all electricals are complete - still waiting on the optional upgrade list... a bit concerned how these prices will add up.

Did a few upgrades with the tv points and alarm. Got the security tv etc but that's ok it's important.

Anyway, just waiting for DA approval now, get over all the levies that will be charged on completion and hopefully see some real progress.