Saturday, 24 March 2012

And still waiting

Well we're another 8 weeks on and still in Council. trying to get a returned phone call or decent update on timeline appears an unreasonable request so I'll be ringing the supervisors on Monday if I don't hear back by lunchtime.

Over the period of the past 9 weeks, I have left 3 phone messages and sent an email. Every call was ignored and never returned and after a week I had a response to my email saying plans were with the engineering dept commenting on flood. That's fine, but they've been commenting for 2 weeks now so must have alot to say!

Our block is classified as flood, but only because of a little creek that runs down the back of us (100 metres away) between our block and the golf course... our neighbours are the same and they all seemed to get through in 4 weeks. It's so frustrating.

Even Kurmond have left 2 messages at the end of last week and surprise surprise no return phone call.

On other areas, pulled a few extra items out of the build. Providing our own Kitchen sink now after an expensive visit to Winnings. Love that place, they just have everything and so accommodating. Just waiting to come out of Council first before we put down our deposit on everything but they will hold it all until we're ready.

The sink is black toughened glass by FRANKE and also getting the tap too, which has a small black glass feature to match. It will look great in the middle of the white stone island bench. Our appliances are also black (Miele).

Also decided to fitout the home theatre. Got some great prices from Harvey Norman Auburn so the guy we dealt with has worked with Kurmond before so he is going to come onsite and pre-wire when we're at frame stage. He doesn't work at Harvey N. anymore but have his mobile so he said he will come and do it himself. The rest of the items will just be drip fed to us as we need. Decided on projector and screen instead of big tv.. Picked up the amp (only item we had to take to get the price). My only concern was losing a year of the warranty on the amp as it's not even going to be opened for another 9 months realistically, so he extended it to 5 years at no charge... fixed that issue!

Also finalised the main florring and have decided to tile. Really wanted to floorboard in our main kitchen family/meals and rumpus area but the Kitchen company has advised agfainst putting the wood down first and i really don't want the skirting of the floorboards going around the island as it has waterfall edges, so tiling seems the easier way. Will probably look at laying large platform tiles as it's quite a large area.

Anyway, hopefully will be able to update with some progress soon.