Friday, 27 July 2012

Piering done!

Got a call from our site Manager - Todd on Wednesday night saying that piering was being done yesterday and if we were available to go out and measure/check with him. Not much notice but all is good - especially as it means we are progressing.

I wasn't expecting them to do it after the rain but was happy that they did.

Blair went out and met him, we had 150 lineal metres included in our tender and we came in at 152, so lucky - only 2 over!

We have 100 holes and some were up to 2.6m deep so we are happy with that.

Will head out there tomorrow probably and take some photo's. Should have a slab next week - weather permitting of course.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Slab base done

Went for a drive by earlier in the week and there were piles of fill added to our block. Obviously we didn't have enough soil and I arrived as truck after truck was arriving and dropping mounds of additional dirt for our base.

Here are some photo's from Wednesday:

Front on from the street.

Top right of the street looking across our block

Looking from the left of our block across to our neighbour and obviously have some retaining to do at the front there on the right.. Once the house is built with this view we will actually be looking at our garage doors as they come off the house on a right angle.

Went by today and it's all been cut and smoothed out ready for piering. Hopefully this means, give or take the weather, that next week will hear from our Site Manager and go out for our piering inspection.

From the street down to our block

Back of the house pad up to the street

I think once the slab is poured, this will be filled and battered down to level land so shouldn't be too high off ground level once complete. Looks high now even without the slab.

From the back of the house pad looking at the garden we have left over.

 Top of the driveway down to the house area and then back garden, which goes almost the to the rear tree line.

I'll update again once there is something more interesting to see. Hopefully not too far away but the forecast isn't looking too sunny for the week ahead. Finger crossed though.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Survey Pegs in

Well even a few little brightly coloured yellow pegs was enough of a change to plain green grass to make me start to think this build is going to happen.

Doesn't take much to get me excited and the fact that the site pegs were in - I was excited.

Hopefully next weekend when I visit the landscape will change again.

Anyway, took some photo's of the block so we have some before and after shots.

block from the street (4777sqm)
Cooper on the land, he looks so little

From our block looking up our street, we're at the end of a cult-a-sac

The back of our block looking over the dam to the 8th tee

From the bottom of our block looking up to the street

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

At Construction Stage

Just a quick update. We received our letter of commencement last Tuesday so as a week has passed, I suspect we will be hearing from our site manager shortly who will be managing our build.

The Site survey has been ordered so I am just waiting for the nextr steps to start.

Finally, I am hoping come end of July we will have a slab and perhaps something more.... lets watch this space!