Saturday, 26 November 2011

In council

Well, it's been  a few months but we are in council and we have at least progressed quite a bit.

These things certainly take longer than you expect, but as long as it's all done right, then I don't mind.

We anticipated 12 months and hopefully if we can breakground early next year, then by August we hopefully will be in, putting us at about that 12 month mark.

So we have picked all our external colours, these are:

Brick: Nutmeg smooth face
Mortar: Off white (flush)
Garage doors (Seville): Surfmist
Fascia/window frames: Surfmist
Gutter: Woodland grey
Roof: Linea Charcoal colour through
Render to portico / verandah pillars / Cladding: Taubmans Athena
Front Door (2 x X24): Jarrah finish with translucent glass
stacker doors to portico: Surfmist

Internals we will complete once council has approved and electricals we are completing on Monday.

So far we have not spent alot on upgrades, just the front door and glass finish ($200 for both doors) and we added a second omni lock handle - so total so far is about $1400.00.

We have picked our tiles and to be honest stayed with Kurmonds standard range for most of it. We are only getting Kurmond to do our bathrooms and laundry. We upgraded some of the floor tiles, i think for our ensuite feature wall but don't have this pricing through yet.

We are using floorboards for the main living/kitchen/rumpus area, carpet for bedrooms, formal living, study and home theatre rooms and then tiling to the entry and hallway and will arrange this ourselves post build.

We are also getting our own appliances and when we do our internals after plans are approved, we will fine tune our kitchen design. the cooktop will stay as is on the plan but beside the fridge will be an appliance wall with a built in coffee maker. On the other end of that bench will be a second appliance cupboard with oven and microwave built in above each other. Appliances we have decided to bite the bullet and go with Miele. Even though they don't discount, we will leverage of this purchase to get a deal on our fridge and disshwasher, which we also need to get.

So that's where we are up to at this point. Twin creeks have approved our plans and they are now with council, so just waiting on that.

Once we are all approved I'll update again.


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