Friday, 27 July 2012

Piering done!

Got a call from our site Manager - Todd on Wednesday night saying that piering was being done yesterday and if we were available to go out and measure/check with him. Not much notice but all is good - especially as it means we are progressing.

I wasn't expecting them to do it after the rain but was happy that they did.

Blair went out and met him, we had 150 lineal metres included in our tender and we came in at 152, so lucky - only 2 over!

We have 100 holes and some were up to 2.6m deep so we are happy with that.

Will head out there tomorrow probably and take some photo's. Should have a slab next week - weather permitting of course.


  1. How's your slab going?

    My frames have been delivered

  2. Hi,
    I spoke with our site manager Todd today and looks like a delay this week with the slab.

    We were due to have it poured but the excavator made an error and have not used enough fill so need to add about another 100mm to the top of the site where the slab is to go.

    I am hoping this gets fixed this week and our slab is poured next week.

    It must be very exciting to see your frames there.

    I bet it will start to fly through for you now.

    1. Kinda of flying through in less then a week the Ground Floor is already taking shape. but my place is a lot smaller then yours :)

      are you going to have any Dropped Edge Beams ???

  3. Wow that's great news!

    Had a call from Todd today. They sent in the fill today and will start forming up tomorrow and then early next week bring in all the support, pods etc.

    Slab will get poured next week and to make up for lost time this week, he has already pre ordered the frames due to arrive on the 20th-21st August.

    I am starting to get a bit more excited now.

    Yes we have DEB but now just about 1/2 way down one side and wrapping around the back corner of the Alfresco and then the left side and around a little bit of that corner of the back bedroom - nothing like Council first said where we needed to support the entire slab with DEB including the full width across the back of the house, which financially would have stopped us building it was so exhorbident. They then allowed us to use fill across the back saving us about $30k in additional site costs.

    Anyway, all good now.