Sunday, 9 September 2012

Windows in and Roof almost up

Went by the house again this afternoon.

All the windows are in, except for the back bedroom and most of the roof has gone up. There was one piece that was incorrect so they have sent that back to get fixed up.

I noticed all our stacker doors on site too, so I guess they will also be going in soon.

I think they have a couple of more days left finishing the frame and then I think they are going to tile the roof first, before the brick. At least the framework will be better protected.

I have never seen the roof being tiled before the brick but when I googled, it appears to be a common thing.

Anyway, took some extra photos:

House from the street

 Side view of the front verandah

End of Garage with windows and Rumpus window at the back on the right

Front Entry with side lights installed 
Garage doors and Front entry
Side view of front

Our master bedroom windows sliding door to be installed (ensuite windows far left)

back of the house
Outdoor Lanai

Back of the house


  1. Wow looking great already! We got our roof on before our bricks and there were no problems,I am hoping to start a blog soon because I am really happy with Kurmond so far,there have been a few little glitches but one call to the supervisor and it's sorted and seeing Michael onsite shows the directors are closely watching their product,all the trades have been lovely and the renderer said to me yesterday it looks like it will be a great house so that was nice!

  2. Yes it's going so well. Drove past this afternoon and the gutters and Facias are on. I think roof is being tiled tomorrow/Wednesday (please hold off rain!!!) and the bricks start Thursday. Bricks should take about 3 1/2 weeks (there's a lot of them) and we dont mind as we really want them to be done flawlessly - so fingers crossed. As we have the smooth face brick and the flush mortar, any errors will really be visible so I'll update once we have inspected.

    You know, there have been some sites with not so good write ups and I am sure they are no different to every other builder out there - in fact some are far worse, but like you, I am so happy with our experience and this construction stage so far has been brilliant. Our Site manager Todd has been great and we both met our carpenter on site during the frame going up - Brett, and he was so nice too and had nothing but positive things to say about the company as well, so that goes far in my book.

    Any way good luck and if you start a blog let me know I would love to follow.

  3. I suppose the installation process is done by now so, how’s it been? And, what roof did you guys use for this huge house? I hope you have chosen a roof with a very reliable quality, and it should be elegant, durable, and will be able to handle the complicated weather. Looking forward to see your finished house! :)

    Allyson Duguay

  4. Hi Allyson,

    We actually have new photo's on our later post with pictures of the roof completed (see October posts) and now we are just waiting on the bricks to be finished.

    We used colour through Shingle tiles (Boral I think?), which we had included in our original tender price as the estate we are building in has minimum standards we needed to adhere to so it was either these or colorbond, so yes,the quality should be good - I love the way it looks with the flat shingle as opposed to the painted roof tile.

    If we could have afforded it, we may have gone colorbond, but I am pleased we didnt for this house, It looks really good with the tile.

    Still waiting to get to lock up. Bricks were due to be completed this week, early next week, but with this rain,I dont suppose it will be for another good week or so. Cant complin though, these are the first rain days we have had since we started construction.

    So far so good and happy with the progress, it's gone up very quickly.

    Are you also building?