Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Plans Approved

Well, finally plans have been approved through Counil. Apparently need a Drop Edge Beam but waiting to see how much this is going to be.

Apparently Kurmond can't say until the slab is poured, but surely the estimator's based on what Council have said and our contour survey, they can give us an idea.

Our Client Manager is finding out if she can get indicative numbers so I'll see how we go.

Problem is there are variations we want to proceed with, but we also don't want to over commit ourselves and then get hit with a massive bill for the DEB.

If we do and we need to change cancel some of our variation upgrades, then we have to pay a $1000 variation fee, which is chargeable to anything once building has commenced.

Anyway, Plans approved April 2nd so just need to wait for Kurmond to receive the details and then apply for our CC certificate.

At least we are moving forward.

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