Sunday, 27 May 2012


Well, who would have thought that when we started this little project it would have taken so long.

I am just looking forward to the end result and hopefully I will be adding a new post in a few weeks with pictures of our block with something other than grass on it.

We have just jumped our final hurdle. OUt plans were approved, but for some reason Council would not allow us to use any fill and only Deep edge beams. Still not sure to this day as to why, but again, after fighting, and debating over their decision and again having to go over peoples heads, I had it fixed and we are now allow to use fill across the back of our house and only 1/2 beams up ths side.

It's lost us another 6 weeks, but was the difference between actually building or not, and I can tell you we came very close to throwing in the towel.

Anyway, last variation is all signed off and we are just waiting on the CC, which i would hope will be done by the end of this week.

Kurmond as far as I am concerned have really done everything they can to support us, and hopefully they will pull through for us again, once we start and get our home built quickly.

I really want to be in before Christmas, but being on the eve of June, I am not sure, but lets watch this space shall we.

Got all our final kitchen plans done so will post all the bits and pieces tomorrow.


  1. Hi we are also building with kurmond,

    glad to see you are. progressing,
    can you advise who your customer consultant is,
    wonderingif we have the same one

  2. Hi Dalim,

    I currently deal with Sherry for most things and also Debbie for our colours, internals, kitchen etc plus Kerry in the Permits office.

    I have found all the ladies to be extremely helpful and even with all the Council delays, still always seem to keep things moving forward as best as they can.

    How are you going with yours?

    1. Hey,
      This will sound funny, but all 3 people have also dealt with my build
      Debbie with colours (Oct 2011).
      Kerry (Nov 2011 DA/CC May 2012) just got the CC approved 2 weeks ago.that whole process took 7 months, our council was a bit slack.

      Now waiting for Kurmond to get a start on the whole thing, and an actual start date.

      It sounds like we are at a very similar stage to you.

      We should keep in touch via email ??

  3. Yes, we're at almost identical stages. We are just waiting on our CC now. Got submitted last week, so hopefully will have it in the next week or so. You should be near starting as I think in the contract they have to start within 21 days of issuing the CC.

    Please keep in touch and let me know how you go.Where are you building?

    Once we actually start I will regularly keep my post updated too.

    Good Luck!

  4. We are building near West Hoxton,
    In regards to the 21 days, if we have the same HIA contract, then the 21 days starts when kurmond sends you a validation or confirmation letter about it and not straight after the CC is approval.
    basically after the CC was approved our plans have been given back to the drafts team to have all the measurements confirmed ( I'm at this step now), once that is done it goes to an estimater, and the 21 days starts. well this is what I've been told.

    check clause 8 in the HIA contract, there is an additional point put in by kurmond.

  5. Hi there,

    Just letting you know that we finally received the letter today confirming that we have progressed to construction phase (woohoo).

    Hopefully things start to happen,

    How is yours going?

  6. Hi Dalim,

    Thats great news for you. We are not too far behind.
    I emailed off the last correspondence today. Our final plans I got back last week, which they turned around in a few days. There were only a couple of errors, which they amended and turned around within the same day. I emailed them all back on Friday afternoon aloing with some final variations i needed to get back.

    Sent of proof of funds letter today, so thats it for us now too.

    Not sure how long until we get our commencement letter but hoping shortly.

    I will follow up on that tomorrow in terms of expected timeframes.

    Good luck and keep me posted.

    I am hoping to have some good updates on here soon too.