Monday, 17 December 2012

Update - Doors on

It's been a little while I know. I did try and update a couple of weeks ago, but have been struggling to update my photo's and still not sure why.

Anyway, since the last post, all our cornices went on - Jazz - and really love it and you can see it in some of the photo's below.

We needed our bath waste moved, which has now been done, and all tiled areas have been screeded by our guy, as we are tiling ourselves post handover. This means our floor heights will be more accurate and all that is needed now are the tiles and glue. Thank you KURMOND for allowing us our own tradie onsite!!! So thankful for that!

Carpenter is onsite at the moment. Has completed all the window architraves and most of the architraves around the doors and door frames. many of the doors are hung including both sets of entry doors. We have 2 lots, main front double doors and then another set at the other end opening to the hallway infront of the sunken lounge.

NEXT, apparently tilers are workig over Christmas, so we should come back in Jan to tiled bathrooms. Kitchen will then be fitted in the New year now, rather than leaving it in the house over the break - which I am fine with. Then paint and fittings.

Apparently at this stage, we should be in around mid- end of Feb as per SS, so fingers crossed.

Still cant add photo's - really inconvenient so have uploaded to Photobucket - link is:

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