Sunday, 23 December 2012

Kitchen Plans

Thought I would just post our final Kitchen design.

Kitchen has been booked for January.


  1. A built in space for a coffee machine - love it!

  2. Hi Mrs Royal, Yes this was my splurge - never had one before and we went through the should we or shouldnt we, is it really worth it... probably not. but what they hay.... just do it, so we did. Hope it makes good coffee!!!

  3. nice blog. heaps of photos....1 photo better than 1000 words. So, that coffee space became useful?

    Also, want to ask a few questions: did you outsource all the cabinet shelves and storage shelves? or the K builder made them?

    Also are those 'sharknose' potdraw and cabinets standard or you had to upgrade them? Did they cost a fortune on top of your mind?

    my email:

    will be checking out more photos in your blog.