Saturday, 9 February 2013

Stone on and other updates

I was very excited to see the stone tops on the Kitchen this week - the guys have done an amazing job - so much so that it took me a while to find the join in our island, which I have been paranoid about.

Also struggled to find it as it's not where it was going to be based on the plan. Due to our bench length, our join was going to miss the sink and go across the whole depth of the bench, but it isn't, they have put it through the centre of the sink so there is even less to see - I was thrilled!

Not so happy about the sink hole cut being far too big, so they have to come back on Monday and replace a portion of the stone from the join so it becomes the right length. It's also not quite wide enough but they'll work it out.

Apparently the stonemason didn't pass on our sink mesurements and it was pre-cut in the factory based on the old sink, which we removed as we are providing our own.

Meeting our tiler onsite tomorrow I think, just waiting on the call to confirm to fix our ensuite/shower floor and just need to fix up the laundry a little too.

Also completed has been all the Sentinel fitout for our alarm so all doors and windows are fitted out with the perimeter alarm, the front door security video TV screen is on the wall in the Kitchen and all door handles have been put on.

Still to go:
- Garage doors - (last post I said they were on as I was told they were but they actually haven't yet)
- wardrobes to be fitted out
- Electricals
- 3rd paint coat
- error corrections in enuite/laundry
- final fittingss

Not that much, if all stays on track then we're nearly there.

Here are some photo's of the kitchen:



Main Bathroom

Powder room

Door handles
(DS's bedroom)



Fitout for the pantry is awesome. I thought we were just getting the standard malemine shelves, but these were done by the kitchen company so are like the kitchen cabinetry. All shelves, adjustable so I can adjus shelf heights etc so not to waste space.

Finlly, our feature tiles were put in the bathrooms too so here are some updated tile images:


Main bathroom

I think that's enough for now! Big update!


  1. WOW! I'm new to your blog and just want to say that your selections and plans are amazing! Can't wait to see the final product :)


  2. I absolutely love those cupboards and the kitchen is magical! We are just about to select a builder - and Kurmond come highly recommended. Would it be possible to 'pick you brain'? My email:

  3. Thanks Ash. We're getting close - have our first walk through in the morning so will update tomorrow with lots of photos and updates.

    Hey Jason,
    I remember those days in trying to find a builder.. happy to help if I can.

    Will email you.