Sunday, 24 February 2013

Almost at handover - 1st walk through complete

I know it's been a long while in between posts - Sorry but we've had a lot happen... Yay!

So over the past 2 1/2 weeks or so, we have seen a lot of the final touches happen and any outstanding issues resolved.

Had our first walk through last week and happy to report that all outstanding items from my previous post have pretty much been completed:

- Garage doors - completed
- wardrobes to be fitted out - completed
- Electricals - completed
- 3rd paint coat - in progress
- error corrections in enuite/laundry - fixed/completed
- final fittingss - all but mirrors and shower heads - completed
- Kitchen stone top - rectified - completed
- kitchen splashback - fitted - completed

So, what's on this week:

- Meeting our carpet guys onsite tomorrow to do their final measure/check (carpet going down after handover)
- Have our tiler on standby so as soon as we get keys, he's going to come in and tile our main floors
- Appliances on standby, so once we have moved in, Kurmond's electrician and plumber will come in and fit our appliances for us.

Hopefully if all goes to plan, then we should get keys at the end of the week and we can get cracking on at least finishing the internal floors and driveway.... Oooh the driveway - there's a lot of concrete needed and not looking forward to seeing the bill.... Got some research to do on this one.

Anyway, here are some photo's from our walk through



My lovely stone bath

Ensuite Vanity

The mixer and spout we supplied
looking to ensuite from main bedroom door


Main Bathroom

Main bath vanity

Main toilet and door to DS's bedroom

Main bath vanity
Main shower

Main bath

Powder room from hallway

Powder room vanity



laundry bench (tiles corrected) decided to keep the bench

Laundry linen on opposing wall


Looking from sunken lounge

Splash back on (storm cloud)

Looking to family/meals and rumpus on the right

Family meals from kitchen

Induction cooktop space

Love the pendant lights (supplied by us)



Stainless switches in all hallways and bathrooms

mid-range upgrade (black surround with grey internal)

Front door vidoe camera and door bell

Upgraded alarm - looks really neat and unoticeable

facade with new garage doors

Well that's about it. Hopefully the week goes as planned and we get keys soon...


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