Saturday, 4 January 2014

10 months on

Wow, where has the time gone....

It's amazing how time flies. So we finally moved in over Easter 2013. We got keys in March but then had to do the floors, tiles carpets etc first and then move everything in.

So we are gradually getting there but it takes so much time.

We will be getting our driveway finished in Feb, there is so much concrete, this expense has had to wait but the lack of dust and dirt is on the horizon.... thank goodness.

After that's done then we will look to get our air-conditioning in before Winter comes, I would also like the fireplace put in and the home theatre seating sorted... Hubby can look after the outside, which has not been touched much but will post a photo of the little bit we have done around one side.

Anyway, I haven't posted any photo's on here since even the carpet and tiles were laid, so here are some recent shots.
Main Entry Foyer (H/Theatre on right)


main bath
DS play room
Looking out to the backyard from the rumpus
DS's room
master ensuite
Kitchen from sunken lounge
More kitchen....

the sink!!
Main family/living
I need to take some photos of the side garden so will post them tomorrow and will update once the driveway is finished.

As far as the house - it's still standing and haven't had any major issues or concerns so in all really love our new home and the quality of the build in terms of the past 10 months - is wonderful.








  1. lovely home, well done.

    Landscaping takes time, I've just finished after 1.5 years working on it constantly.

  2. I am looking at building with Kurmond in the Hunter Valley and your home is just beautiful. Were you happy with the price and doing the custom build? I have in my head it will cost a lot more but a lot of people say it isn't always that way. Do you mind me asking how many squares your home ended up being? Love the bath in the ensuite it is just gorgeous. Kind regards Kandice.