Friday, 8 March 2013


Well finally our journey has rached a major milestone and this afternoon we picked up our keys...

It's still a little surreal but it's very exciting all the same.

Our tiler is booked in for Monday morning and will take 2 weeks, we are getting our 12.5BAL rated screens meaured Tuesday and will take 2 weeks. Once they're in, we can apply for interim OC and book in our appliances on move in day.

Once the tiles and carpet are down, I will take photo's... until then lots of packing and moving!!


  1. So exciting! Lots if luck for move-in and don't forget to post lots of pics :)

  2. Hi ,
    Great to read all your posts from inception to keys... We are looking to build with Kurmond as well.. Any tips that you can advise specially to look for mistakes ... Or should have done things.. Much appreciated...