Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year Updates


Well, there have been a few changes over the Christmas period but no photo's yet as I left my Camera at my mother's and my phone photo's are terrible.

So, all skirtings, cornices and doors are finished - carpenter was amazing and did a fabulous job... THANKYOU!

All bathrrom and Laundry tiling has been completed. The tilers worked from around the 3rd and we went out yesterday to see that it was all pretty much finished. They will need to come back to do the laundry wall tiles once the cabinetry has gone in.

Colours look nice and happy with them, I am sure once they are all clean and shiny they will be even better. Only part I am not happy with and happens to be my pet hate - the grout line from the wall tile does not meet the grout line of the floor tile where they meet - this is basic tiling to me and not something I thought I had to emphasise - but anyone building, insure you mention this as you don't want a beautiful bathroom with all the grout lines out of alignment. All the tiles are 300mm wide so no reason to not make sure they followed the same line. (Floors are 300x300mm and walls are 600mmx300mm). They are not out by much, but enough for me to notice.

The only other slight issue (could be major not sure yet) with the ensuite. Tilers did not tile high enough near the shower opening. Should be flush with the angle, but instead is about 4cm lower so we have the visible metal strip running across the shower entry above the tile height. Possibly ok if you had a shower door but we have don't have a shower door - hence it has to be fixed. Can't just remove it and tile over it as then the shower floor and ensuite floor are going to be the same height. There is supposed to be a little lip where the shower floor is slightly lower than the main floor to stop water coming out. Anyway, Kurmond are back Monday so I'll chat to our SS then and they will need to work it out - if any other past hiccups are anything to go by, I am sure it will be rectified quickly. The only way to fix it properly would be to remove all the tiles from the ensuite floor, re-screed to the right level and re-tile..... don't see that happening somehow, I'll update on this one.

Anyway apart from that all is going well - Kitchen coming in on Tuesday..... So excited, I can't wait. Need to pay for all our appliances next week and pay and pick up our kitchen sink so they can cut out the correct hole so we can put it in. Have I mentioned.... I love the kitchen sink (toughened Glass) and tap - I think it will be a real feature in the white stone top.

Anyway, Will update again and add photo's once I get my camera back.


  1. I hope they can fix the tiling issue in your ensuite ASAP. I love your toughened glass sink, where is that from? I've never seen them before.

  2. Me too - it's a shame but I am sure they will come to a resolution. I'll see how we go next week.

    Our sink we got from Winnings appliances. It's a FRANKE brand. We went in for our appliances and fridge and left with the sink and tap too... Aaaahhh too many temptations out there, but fell in love with it and became a must have splurge.

  3. enjoyed reading your blog thanks for sharing - what floor coverings are you going to install? if you are interested in timber flooring give us a call on 97564242 Timber Floors Pty Ltd :-)

  4. Hi timber floors.

    Thanks for looking over the blog.

    We are carpeting our bedrooms, study and formal lounge.

    We are laying 600x600 format tiles in hallways and the main living area.

    Originally, we were going to lay floorboards as this was our preference through the kitchen and rumpus area, but we couldn't afford them.

    Hpwever, the main deal breaker on the wood flooring is we were not allowed to lay before the kitchen island went in and we couldn't lay post build as we would have to have the beading going around our island waterfall edges... Tiling just became easier.

    Thanks anyway.