Wednesday, 16 January 2013

bathroom tiling photos

Met with the SS today and fixed the shower tiling issue. Basically going to cut the waterproof angle back to under the grout line, remove about 6 surrounding tiles that stem across the shower opening that sit either side of the angle and re-tile using something else I can't remember the name of.
In the end, it will just be all tiles but there will be a hairline crack (as you get around your floor wastes) to prevent the tiles cracking as the slab moves.. Also, the tiles will incline up from the shower floor so the water will run back in to the shower waste - so fingers crossed that works out.
Painter started today and should take about a week.
Kitchen should be delivered Friday or Monday followed quickly by the stone mason so by the end of next week it should really look great.

Anyway - took a few photo's of the bathrooms - so we have:


Looking in from Master

My freestanding bath will sit in front of the wall - feature tile to still be put in

Main Bathroom (3-Way)

looking in from hallway

looking from bed 2 through bathroom to Bed 3
( DS's own private ensuite for the most part)

Vanity wall (single basin in here)

Oh - and also the water tank arrived... bit by bit, we're getting there..

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