Sunday, 20 January 2013


So this afternoon, we decided to go for a drive out to the house. DH was there yesterday and the painters were at work painting away. They apparently said they were working today too, being a Sunday I didn't like our chances but took a punt. being at lock up not much to see if you can'te get in.... but at 5:45pm there they were in the thick of it, I could not believe it- we left at 6:30pm and they were still there.... amazing  thank you painters  ::  :: Thank you daylight savings  ::
Paint job looks great too and if there is anything DH has grilled or warned our SS about it's the paint job. He has not seen a good paint job in any display home, there is always some rough area, and as little as it may be he will find it... so they have been warned. His opinion is, if it's your profession then be good at it so the cutting in will need to be perfect...
So got a load of photo's as the ceilings, cornices, all doors and first coat on walls are done - not bad for 4 days work..  ::surprise::  Front doors are also stained - Unfortunately they also stained our internal glass doors at the other end of the entry foyer so they need to make these white.
All white is taubman's Crisp White and all walls are Crystal gazing. Feature walls not done yet but will be foxtail.
Also, cornices have also been put on the bathrooms and also painted.

Here's some photo's:

Front doors - stained Jarrah - first coat on

Home theatre bulkhead - we will re-paint this room post hand over in a very dark grey - any dark suggestions happy to hear!!

looking from the end of family/meals back to the kitchen
Looking from family meals to alfresco and rumpus (any window covering suggestions... happy to hear). all windows will be white plantations

looking from kitchen in to sunken lounge- door way back right takes us to the end of the bedroom hallway (master) saves walking all the way around for a midnight snack!

Looking from the mud room (spare space after you enter the house from the garage before the hallway for dirty shoes?? - architect named this space when helping with our design) and looking in to the garage

looking from end of garage back to the house. rear garage roller door back right for ride on access, also normal walkthrough door to garden and internal house door to mud room, storage room followed by laundry and powder room

looking at our master bedroom doors to the back garden
From master entry to ensuite and WIR on the right with TV neiche in the middle. Bed sits on the opposite wall to the tv.

Bedroom hallway neiche (bedroom 2 end)

bedroom hallway neiche (opposite end to above (master end)) - can just see DS's room door (left), then right is the square set opening menioned above from sunken lounge, last door on right is master and around the left of the neiche is bed 4

Master bathroom to hallway (toilet to go behind the door)

3 way bathroom looking from DS room through main bath to Bed 2


Main hallway (standing at end of main entry foyer) looking to powder room, also through sunken lounge to kitchen and rumpus/alfresco beyond. lounge fireplace have decided on wood fire so should heat all through to the kitchen and family/meals too

So that's it - Painters said they will still be about 2 weeks (they have a lot to paint). Kitchen to arrive tomorrow followed by stone mason and then final touches.... that will be about it I think... Yay!


  1. Looking great! Love your paint colours. Mud rooms are handy for shoes, coats etc.

  2. Ooohhh it's getting there Mrs Royal.... I was pre-warned that this part of the build is the most painful.... when you can see the end and everything appears to move slower than it could, so I am just goinng to remain patient and hope we get our home completed soon.

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    1. No idea why the crystal gazing is giving off a pink/purple tint on my build